India may complete evacuation of Indians under OpGanga by March 8

Families may celebrate International Women’s Day with girl students returning back from war-hit Ukraine

Visakhapatnam: If everything goes well as per the present evacuation plans of the Indian government with support from Russia and other nations in the region, all the Indians stuck in war-torn Ukraine will safely be back by March 8.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Thursday, nearly 6,400 Indians were brought back from the war-hit Ukraine on board 30 evacuation flights including the Indian Air Force (IAF) C-17 Globemaster as part of Operation Ganga.

The MEA estimated that some 18,000 plus Indians who went to Ukraine for various reasons including studies were mostly stuck there by the time Russia’s invasion began on February 24.

In a media statement, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said 18 more evacuation flights have been scheduled including the three Globemaster over the next 24 hours (from Thursday) apart from the commercial flights like Air India and IndiGo.

The flights would be operated from Romania (Bucharest), Hungary (Budapest), Poland and Slovakia to bring back the Indian nationals who have safely reached the borders from the war-hit Ukraine.

Analysing the government’s Operation Ganga and the ongoing evacuation steps, Andhra University Dean for International Affairs, Prof Dhanamjaya Rao said all the neighbouring countries surrounding the war-hit Ukraine are friendly with India. Ukraine is also friendly and the present steps taken by the Indian government give a clear indication of completing the evacuation process by March 8.

Prof Rao recollected India's aid to Ukraine, of supplying medicines, food and other essentials to it in this crisis period.

“Our country will proudly celebrate International Women’s Day with the girl students, particularly those who return from Ukraine,” he told Deccan Chronicle.

Prof Rao further said that all European countries are non-harmful by nature. His university has a group of students from Kazakhstan, a former Soviet Republic.

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