Majority has rejected politics of hate: Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind

Addressing leaders and activists of different faiths, the moulana said the Delhi carnage was a pure ‘police action’.

Hyderabad: Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind president Moulana Syed Arshad Madani apprehended that the politics of abomination will once again divide India “but we are not desperate as the majority of the country and have rejected this politics of hate.” He called for a public meeting to create consensus among different communities in case the state government did not change its stand on NPR.

Addressing leaders and activists of different faiths, the moulana said the Delhi carnage was a pure ‘police action’. The Delhi Police guided the rioters in ransacking, he alleged. He said government had proved that the riots were sponsored by providing Y-category protection to former MLA and BJP leader Kapil Mishra. It shows that the government asked him to deliver hate speech, which caused the violence. “This government thinks that a particular community has no right to live,” he said bitterly.

Moulana Madani said that people coming forward to rescue victims of other communities is a good sign that the idea of coexistence is strengthening. “There are many instances in the Delhi riots of people of different faiths protecting places of worship. Many Hindus saved the lives of Muslims and many Muslims shielded the Hindus,” he said.

He added that in the past many major riots happened, but events were not highlighted like in the Delhi riots. People are openly speaking about what is happening and rejecting the politics of hate, he pointed out.

The moulana said “We want to know what the opinions of people of other faiths is on the secular nature of the constitution and we are fully convinced that all of them want India to remain secular. It is clear that if India will not remain secular, it will not remain united.”

He said that at the time of independence, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind had told the Congress that only if it assured that the constitution would be secular, would they support it. The Congress had given this assurance in writing. It pledged to protect not only the religious identity of the Muslims but also provide liberty to propagate the faith. It assured that Muslims could live in India with their cultures and languages.

However, after independence, a force wanted to declare India a Hindu country, as Muslims got their own country. “Our elders approached Nehru and reminded him of their pledges and told them we were not the responsible for partition as the Indian Muslims did not sign on the deed of Partition. The Congress maintained its promise and adopted a secular Constitution,” he said.

He said everyone should strive to discourage the politics of hate as it will destroy the country. The people who depend on the politics of hegemony want to cash in on everything. the BJP tried to raise issues like Article 370, Babri Masjid and triple talaq in Jharkhand, people rejected the BJP in the Delhi elections.

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