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Garbage is dumped illegally at night and quite often they are also burnt at the same spot.

Bengaluru: Rapid urbanization is taking a heavy toll on Koramangala block 7. Thanks to proliferation of eateries and other commercial establishments, Koramangala block 7 and the surrounding alleys are dotted with black spots.

Garbage is dumped illegally at night and quite often they are also burnt at the same spot.

A local resident, Mohit Gundurao said, "This area is nice but one must understand that a huge number of eateries have come up. Many houses have turned into cafes and at night the waste ends up at vacant spaces. In Block 7, there is a huge area that is used as a parking lot, but sometimes one can see garbage being burnt."

He also draws our attention to the water scarcity. "Most of the residents in summer get water in tankers. The Palike should do a check if the houses which have been converted into PG accommodation and cafes are entitled to do so or not. Whether they are meeting safety regulations is a vital issue. The follow-up on the violation of segregation will automatically be done then," Mohit added.

No street lights
While the Mayor is insisting on the use of LED bulbs for street lights, many lanes in the area continue to be poorly lit.

"Yes, there are lanes which do not have street lights and near Koramangala Block 4 certain lanes are dependent on incandescent lights. The civic agencies should have changed to LED lamps but nothing happened. These are discrepancies that need to be sorted out," said Kunal, a resident of Block 4.

Q&A: With the corporator M. Chandrappa
illegal garbage dumping will be checked, says M. Chandrappa
There are certain lanes where garbage is dumped in bags and left open on the road.
This is a serious issue. I will get it checked.

Does the violation go unchecked?
No, whenever I get to know about such issues I intervene. In the past, the health inspectors have warned the violators and fines have been imposed. Cases of garbage burning etc have come down.

When will the incandescent lights be replaced with LED?
In several lanes the lights have been replaced. We will do it in other lanes as well. If there is any lane where lights are not working, we shall pay attention.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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