Green activist helps remove redundant roadside trees

A 40-year-old green activist, K. Syed, who is working for a Coimbatore-based NGO known as Osai'

COIMBATORE: A 40-year-old green activist, K. Syed, who is working for a Coimbatore-based NGO known as ‘Osai’, had taken the initiative to remove over-aged and dried trees, which are rooted precariously along road sides in various parts of Coimbatore by cautioning motorists and pedestrians passing such stretches.

Syed, a well-known person in Coimbatore for transplanting tress, who had transplanted more than 70 trees across the state in last three years, he also extended his wings to help neighboring states including Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Syed guide people across the country those who are interested in transplanting trees by giving them a new life and retaining green cover.

Few months ago Syed along with the support of Karnataka government took initiative to save 500 trees there by training their forest department officials on how to transplant well grown trees.

Meanwhile acting on the long time request of co-green activists and the motorists of Coimbatore Syed personally spoke to government officials and jumped into action on removing the dried trees.

Persons from the Revenue department, Electricity Board, Police and highways helped him to remove two trees on Podanur main road near Karupparayan temple and Kurichi Pirivu junction. One Vagai tree estimated to be around 30 years old and another was a 40-year-tamarind tree.

Few days ago a motorists of Podanur suffered a fracture on one of his left limb after the damaged the trunk of a tree that fell on him while crossing the stretch.
Hearing this, Syed started his pro-active initiative on Saturday. Syed told the DC, people also should extend help by patiently waiting near the stretch without crossing the danger area in hurry during the removal of such trees.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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