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Marital discord has Google in dock

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Published on: March 4, 2016 | Updated on: March 4, 2016

Man seeks to remove malicious' content posted by former wife.

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Kochi: Google is an engine for not only communication and information but also for defamation, especially for estranged couples, it appears.  Mr Sunil Jacob of Kottayam   has moved Kerala High Court against Google seeking to remove the  malicious content on certain websites posted by his former wife Bindu Philips. He alleged that a common search on Google would end up in certain web links defaming him and his children.

He cited a European Court of Justice order of 2014 which asked Google to delete the data. The petitioner said that Bindu Philips and he had divorced in 2012. But,  in an attempt to obtain custody of their children, Bindu had been publishing false and malicious stories on several websites. He contended that though he had asked Google to remove the same,  the company so far had not acted.

A search of Google using the key names of their children would give links to these web pages. He argued that his children had been humiliated and embarrassed by these stories.

According to the petitioner,  the European Court of Justice had by an order asked Google to create a system whereby on the request of an individual, links to the web pages that list out personal information can be removed. However,  the same is being allowed only in Europe. The Supreme Court of India, in various verdicts, had  identified the right to privacy as integral to right to life.

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