Andhra Pradesh for bidding, not nomination

Government to select firm under Swiss Challenge method.

Hyderabad: While Singapore government is exerting pressure for selection of its companies as Amaravati development partner on nomination basis, the Andhra Pradesh government has made it clear that this is not possible. Instead, Singapore should participate in the bidding for the selection of the development partner, AP has insisted.

The state government has decided to select the Amaravati development partner under Swiss Challenge method.

At one stage, the state was inclined to select Singapore as development partner on nomination basis, but officials cautioned the government that this would lead to legal complications. Singapore, while sending proposals for being Amaravati development partner, had nominated a consortium consisting of three companies that it owned.

Officials here took the view that the central government will object to the nomination process, and this would lead to legal complications.

The state government conveyed this to the Singapore government and said it would go ahead with Swiss Challenge method as decided by the Cabinet. Singapore would do well to participate in the bidding process, AP said.

Under Swiss Challenge method, the state government will take the proposals of Singapore government as a suo moto proposal and invite competing counter-proposals.

The Singapore government will have the opportunity to match any competing counter-proposals that may be superior to the proposal of the original project proponent.

In case the original project proponent matches or improves on the competing counter proposal, the project shall be awarded to the original (Singapore) project proponent. Otherwise, a bidder making the competing counter proposal will be selected to execute the project.

Meanwhile, a senior official involved in the capital affairs said many international companies are coming forward to function as Amaravati development partner. If the Singapore government will not participate in the bidding, the government will select some other company in Swiss challenge method.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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