Special play to honour Manohar’s genius

The second episode is about Periyalwar and his beloved daughter Soodi Kodutha Sudarkodi, popularly known as Andal.

CHENNAI: A special stage play is being enacted on New Year’s Day here, dedicated to revere the legacy of late actor Sri R.S Manohar who passed away on Vaikunda Ekadasi day in 2006.

The play has been visualized and is being presented by creative head and director S. Shivprasadh’s “Nataka Kavalar, Chemmal R.S Manohar’s NXGS”. The play “Sri Ranganathar Swamy Mahimaie” highlights the glory of Srirangam’s presiding Moolavar deity Lord Sri Ranganathar Swamy and comprises of four compelling episodes.

The first episode revolves on how Lord Rama's gift of a small Lord Ranganathar Ananthasayanam deity to Vibeeshanar turns as Srirangam’s presiding Moolavar deity.

The second episode is about Periyalwar and his beloved daughter Soodi Kodutha Sudarkodi, popularly known as Andal. It was during the Margazhi month that his daughter used to get up early and take bath in the cold river and pray to Lord Krishna.

Andal was so devout in her love towards Perumal that during her daily routine of making garland for Krishna, before sending them through her father to his temple wore it upon herself and thereafter sent that very same worn garland to Vatapathrashayi.

But her expectations were short-lived as the temple priest returned the garland sighting a long strand of hair in the garland but the Lord preferred only Andal's worn garland and till date she is remembered as “Soodi Kodutha Sudarkodi” God asks Perivalwar to bring his daughter in bridal attire to Srirangam and the celestial wedding is happily solemnized.

The third episode is about Vibra Narayanan. He is a staunch devotee of Perumal. He gets attracted towards a harlot woman. The God rescues him and he is rechristened as Thondaradipodialwar.

The final episode is about a person who makes clay pots named Panar. He resides on the other side of Cauvery river and is not allowed to enter the temple. One day on the command of the god the Purohit of the temple travels to the other side of the river and asks panar to move away. Panar is so engrossed in his prayers that he could not notice the priest. The priest gets annoyed and hits him with a stone and blood starts oozing from his forehead.

The priest then goes on with his daily chores. When he enters the temple for ‘Abhishekam’, he notices that blood coming out from the idol exactly from the same place where Panar was hit. He then realizes his mistake and falls at Panar’s feet. He takes him on his shoulders to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The Lord comes to life and Panar goes straight and disappears along with him.

Sri S. Shivpprasadh, creative head, producer, director and nephew of late R.S Manohar would perform the role of Thirupaanaazhwaar. Mr. Srinath based in an IT company in Bengaluru plays the role of Lord Ranganathar. R.S Manohar’s granddaughter S. Sruuthi would be live singing and acting as Andal.

The play is being supported by Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha and will be enacted at Vani Mahal in Chennai on Wednesday 1/1/2020 at 6.30 pm.

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