Traffic cops launch ROPE campaign to decongest roads

4 October 2022

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad police commissioner C. V. Anand paid a surprise visit to the Jubilee Hills junction on Monday and oversaw the ongoing "ROPE" initiated by traffic police.

During his visit to the Jubilee Hills junction on Road No. 45, the top cop checked the readiness of field staff and discussed the engineering changes that were required. The police commissioner was briefed by traffic officials on the inflow, volumes, and load on the local roads.

Anand told the media on Monday that the traffic police have started enforcing the "ROPE" (Road Obstructive Parking and Encroachment) initiative on Monday, and that as part of the initiative, traffic rules will be vigorously regulated, with those who violate them subject to fines.

He stated that due to the rapid increase in population and the increased number of personal vehicles during the Covid pandemic period, the traffic police are now facing a serious situation of traffic jams at all intersections.

"Let us understand the gravity of the situation and cooperate voluntarily with the traffic police to ensure free flow of traffic. The traffic police have launched a special campaign to clear encroachments and obstructive parking to reduce congestion on roads,” he appealed.

Further, he stated that more special drives will be launched to combat traffic violations such as triple riding, cell phone riding, and wrong-side driving in order to restore order on city streets. He also urged public representatives to work with traffic officers during enforcement and VIP movements.

The general public was advised to use public transportation instead of personal vehicles, a collective action that would reduce traffic congestion on the roads, he said.

The traffic police have initiated several measures to decongest city roads as part of ROPE, including the removal of encroachments on roads, illegal parking of vehicles, hawkers' and traders' road encroachments, and so on.

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