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Pawan Kalyan faults TD on stopping Mudragada

Published Sep 3, 2017, 6:57 am IST
Updated Sep 3, 2017, 6:57 am IST
Pawan Kalyan
 Pawan Kalyan

Vijayawada: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan wants to know why the TD government is dilly-dallying on the commitment it made to the Kapu community during the Nandyal bypolls. This and several other queries have been raised by the Jana Sena chief and released in a four part series of Pawan Kalyan interacting with the social media team Shatagni.   

The series released in two parts each on Friday and Saturday raises many issues of concern. Mr Kalyan gave his opinion on education, health, capital city construction, reservations, state bifurcation among other issues.

In these videos Mr Kalyan was also seen speaking on his party's stand on several of these issues. For instance, while on reservations, he spoke about how Babasaheb Ambedkar had introduced reservations to address social backwardness but they now had become reservations for the economically backward. He reminded his audience that Ambedkar had clearly mentioned that if reservations were not implemented appropriately, the communities that were economically weak would also demand reservations and that was what was happening now. 

He alleged that after committing to the Kapu community, the TD had not yet drafted any plan for them and had not given any clear reason for the delay either. He added that the reservation issue for the Kapu community was a complex and complicated one and should be dealt with sensitively. Mr Kalyan also said that the government should have allowed Mr Mudragada Padmanabham to complete his pada yatra and express his anguish. Stopping him and forbidding him to walk further violated fundamental and democratic rights of an individual. 

While on education, Mr Kalyan said the government should provide quality education from class I-XII and ensure that parents do not run into debts by organising fees. He put the blame on the pathetic education system squarely on the shoulders of corporate managements. He also opined that government teachers should be paid decent salaries. 

About health amenities and schemes in the state, Mr Kalyan said that the Central and state government health schemes were not being effectively implemented in the state. He said that through his study on Uddanam Kidney disease, he had realised that though government schemes were available, victims were not using them as they didn't find them useful. Government health departments and the officials manning these offices were also lackadaisical and did not take the trouble to explain the schemes well, as these schemes didn't generate income for the department.

On agriculture, Mr Kalyan said the implementation of Falks method would bring down the production costs, but the manufacturers of seeds and fertilisers were not implementing it because it would mean lesser profits for them.

When the media questioned him about his reaction on the mammoth level of construction being done for the new capital, Amaravati, he said sarcastically that Gandhinagar and Singapore capitals were built on 15,000 to 20,000 acre, but for Amaravati 33,000 acres had been allotted and therefore the process was delayed. He added that over ambition can slow down the process of the capital city construction.

Mr Pawan Kalyan wrapped up the program with his and party's take on women in politics. He said women politicos were like warriors and it was his party's policy to treat them as equals, who would walk with them and not behind them. 



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