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BJP pushes for Liberation Day on September 17 in Telangana

Published Sep 3, 2017, 1:46 am IST
Updated Sep 3, 2017, 1:46 am IST
He said September 17 is one of the most important days for the people of Telangana.
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Warangal: TRS MLAs should either support the people in celebrating the Liberation Day on September 17 as an official event or face the wrath of the people in the elections, BJP state president Dr. K. Laxman said here on Saturday.

Dr Laxman who was in Parkal as part of the BJP’s week-long Vimochana Yatra, paid homage to Telangana martyrs at the ‘Amardham’ in Parkal and took part in a public meeting. 


He spoke of the atrocities that took place during the rule of the Nizam and asked why Chief Minister K.  Chandrasekhar Rao was not celebrating the victory of the people over the tyranny of the Nizam’s private army.

“The MIM belongs to the heirs of Qasim Rizvi. The Razakars were a private militia organised by him. Under his leadership, the Razakars harassed the women in unmentionable ways. They were even forced women to play Bathukamma naked. KCR in his thirst for power and political gain is supporting the MIM. He is afraid celebrating of the Liberation Day as it would hurt the sentiments of the Muslims,” the BJP state president alleged.


Why does the chief minister care more about a section of the society than the rest of the people in the state? What about the sentiments of the people who shed their blood against the feudal rule of the Nizams?,” he asked urging the people to raise the same questions against the Chief Minister and the TRS leaders.

He said September 17 is one of the most important days for the people of Telangana. Not celebrating it would mean not caring for the sentiments of the people.

Dr. Laxman said before assuming power as the Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR has demanded the former governments to officially celebrate the liberation day. “After coming to power, he cares more about his own political gains and forgot about the self-respect of the people,” he pointed out.


He declared that if the BJP comes to power in 2019 they would officially celebrate the liberation day. He further said the Telangana Vimochana Yatra is not meant for any political gains of the BJP. “There are many public issues in the state and the BJP will fight for all of them in support of the people,” he stated. 

Party senior leader and MP Bandaru Dattatreya, N Indrasena Reddy, Baddam Bal Reddy, C Janga Reddy, rural district president A Ashok Reddy and others were present.

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad