Mango Lovers Relish Summer Extension in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The Hues of mangos are fading, thanks to the extended summer, as the monsoon is approaching, the mango lovers are thronging towards the mango stalls to grab the yellow fruit. This is an extra period for them to relish the fruit.

The king of fruits this year did not cheer the vendors in the city because of the unseasonal rains, which played the spoil sport. however the mango lovers, who indulge in the Aam ras as an art of tasting, this yellow fruit aroma is inhaled, than the texture is felt and then eaten softy. Mango means celebration of family. Wide range of these fruits are available all across the city. even those missed to prepare mango pickle in the season, got an additional chance to make the raw mango pickle, though the raw mangos, which has to be hard and white inside, that same quality is not available at the market, but still its available.

Muneerunissa Farhana, resident, Chilkalkuda, “starting from Kheeri (raw mango) to Aam (ripen mango) the mango fruit is associated with lot of nostalgic, in our childhood we used to pluck from the trees in this city, we friends we always recollect those time. it was available strictly in summers. Everyone will be having a story to tell about a mango.”

Geetha Reddy, resident of Habsiguda, “as the season is ending, I am shopping my favorite fruit mangos from the market. as the monsoon arrives we will be missing our favorite fruit for the whole year, maybe because of the rain, this year that original sweetness was missing. Whatever the mango is celebrated by its fans.”

Dr Mohammed Safiullah, trustee of Deccan Heritage trust, Said, “we are arranging the ‘Aam Ke Dawat’ this weekend, along with the friends, friend will be carrying the local mangos, this we celebrated last year. we feel mango should be celebrated.”

Mohammed Sajuddin, Mango merchant between Masabtank and Vijay Nagar colony, said, “this year sale is less comparative to previous year, each day we used to sell more than thousand Kgs each day, but now between seven to eight hundred Kgs, this is because we have seen many rains in the summer. Which stopped people from buying. However as the prolonged summer we are able to sell the mangos, even today which is the third week of June.”

Anil Kumar, raw mango merchant at Mir Alam Mandi, “mangos are almost over, as the monsoon extended, we are getting mangos, these mangos are used for Pickles, many families it is a age old tradition of keeping pickles, those missed due to lack of time, got a chance, such customers are buying.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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