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Kozhikode folks too unimaginative, need time to appreciate arts

Published Jun 3, 2018, 6:41 am IST
Updated Jun 3, 2018, 6:41 am IST
Sculptors feel need for education on art.
Art for comfort sake: A group of youngsters take the photograph of a child who is  sitting over a sculpture at Beach, Kozhikode.
 Art for comfort sake: A group of youngsters take the photograph of a child who is sitting over a sculpture at Beach, Kozhikode.

KOZHIKODE: Though the ‘Shilpanagaram’ project was launched in the city with a hope that the people with such a cultural lineage would respect the sculptures, most sculptors now feel that the public including youngsters are yet to be educated on the value of art.  For evening revelers, sculptures are just a piece of 
granite and stone on which they can sit, eat, enjoy and can rest on during their evening time. For many others sculptures are the stuff atop which they will get a better view of the entire beach and the horizon. Some even stand atop to take selfies and also to enjoy the evening sun.

The lack of clear knowledge about art and art-forms is the reason behind this carelessness and least respect to sculptures, said Johns Mathew, eminent sculptor and designer who contributed four sculptures to the city beach. Mr Johns told DC that youngsters are not properly educated on art and heritage. They don’t even know their culture. It should start from schools”, he added.
Lamenting on the total ignorance of students, Mr Johns said that students of even elite institutes are totally unaware about art and visual sensibility.  “Many of the sculptures on the beach don’t have any name boards explaining who created them and their meaning. Authorities are responsible for this”, he added.


“People are too busy with their own world. Some even destroy the art works by having food while sitting on top of these sculptures. It is actually their responsibility to protect these works because once it gets damaged it cannot be renovated”, said Abdulla Baramy, a habitual visitor in City beach. “We cannot completely blame the kids who are taking selfies standing on the sculptures. Parents are also equally responsible for their behavior”, said Abdul Latheef, another visitor. 

Academicians also accepted the faults of the system saying it is ‘so functional’. “Educational institutions are training students to mug up everything and tell them indirectly not go beyond that”, said Dr. M.V Narayanan, a noted academician. “Everyone has an innate sense of art which gets flourished with proper encouragement and training” he pointed out.

Location: India, Kerala