1,000 APSP men to guard Polavaram project site

They fear that any blasting material planted and left undetonated might harm anyone who arrives to project site.

Rajahmundry: To protect the upcoming prestigious multi-purpose Polavaram irrigation project from any possible attack by Maoists, Mujahideens and other terror groups to hamper the works, the state government is going to deploy nearly 1,000 security personnel of APSP (Indian Reserve) to guard it soon.

As the project site is located in the extremist-infested agency area of West Godavari and also the neighbouring East Godavari agency facing similar problem, the state government does not want to take any risk, given the enhanced threat perception to the project.

Accordingly, the state government is going to set up APSP (Indian Reserve) Battalion, consisting of 800-1,000 security personnel, exclusively to protect the project forever.

As part of it, the government has to take up recruitment of the personnel and appoint and post them at the project site in a phased manner in about a year or so to complete the entire exercise.

Recently, AP Battalions IG R.K. Meena inspected the project site and took stock of the developments. The police are looking for a 150-acre site near the project to develop the infrastructure to set up office, residential quarters for security personnel and their families and amenities like education and health and others. Once the site is finalised, infrastructure will be developed at a fast pace.

Even at present, the police are having a gigantic task to ensure security at the project site as various components of the project like coffer dam, spillway, earth-cum-rock-fill dam, fabrication of gates and others are in various stages of progress in addition to continuous excavation works to clear the project site for construction of the components.

Sophisticated machinery is being imported from abroad in addition to huge quantum of material like steel, cement and others are being procured for construction works. Routine blasting of rocks takes place to clear the ground.

The police are keeping close tab on arrival of machinery and material to the project site and keeping track of blasting of rocks to avoid any trouble either to the workforce or local villagers or visitors.

The police are maintaining a log book of blasting material taken, used and leftover every day in addition to number of places earmarked for detonation and completion of targeted task.

They fear that any blasting material planted and left undetonated might harm anyone who arrives to project site.

As project contract agencies rope in a large number of workers, including foreigners and locals from various places, the police are keeping track of their antecedents on a daily basis.

Vehicles used for transport of machinery and workforce are being thoroughly frisked to take no chance of risk of any untoward incident.

A large number of VVIPs, including Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, Central and state ministers, experts, foreigners, political leaders, students, farmers and others continuously visit the project site, mounting intense pressure upon the police to provide them security on a regular basis.

Polavaram DSP A.P.V. Ravi Kumar said, "Our senior officers visited the Polavaram project site recently to get firsthand information on ongoing works. We are on the lookout for a site to accommodate APSP (IR) battalion as it will be exclusively meant to protect the project during its execution and also after its completion."

250 CCTVs to keep tab on movements
Electronic surveillance will be set up at Polavaram project site by installing nearly 250 closed circuit cameras at strategic locations.

The police have identified the strategic locations to install the CC cameras at the project site and this will help the police to keep close tab on every development that takes place at the project site.

As many as four command and control centres will be set up connecting all 250 CC cameras to get a view of developments at the project site.

These will be established at Polavaram police station, Polavaram DSP’s office, West Godavari SP’s office at Eluru and on hill top and popular view site of the project. This one is meant for VIPs, engineers and experts.

The water resources authorities are insta-lling CC cameras at strategic locations recommended by the police. The police say in addition to the physical inspection of the project site, the electronic surveillance will be of immense help to them to keep close tab on developments at the project site.

A few CC cameras have already been installed, which are connected to the Chief Minister’s camp office at Amaravati to keep check on the progress of works live at the project site.

Occasionally, drone cameras are also being used to give a large picture of progress of works to the Chief Minister and other VIPs.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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