TS projects start receiving water from upstream Maharashtra

Adilabad: Following heavy rains in Maharashtra as well as locally, a few irrigation projects in erstwhile Adilabad district have started receiving water from upstream. The projects are also receiving water from streams and rivulets following heavy rains in erstwhile Adilabad district during the last three days.

Sripada-Yellampalli, Kadam and SRSP projects have started receiving water. Water level in River Penganga has also risen during the past four days.

It is surprising that irrigation projects are receiving water this early in summer.

Water flow has increased in River Godavari at Basar. As a result, devotees are being warned against venturing into the river for taking a holy dip.

This is also the period when sand is excavated from the shores of River Penganga. But following the increase in water flow, sand excavation has been temporarily stopped along Penganga at Sangdi, Anadpur, Pendalwada, Dollara and Vadur.

Fishermen are not venturing into River Penganga for fishing. People have also stopped crossing the river through knee-deep water at some places to reach the bordering villages in Maharashtra and vice versa.

Fishermen are also not casting their nets in the water for fear that they may get washed away due to heavy water flow from upstream.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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