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Food for 'Super' thought

Published May 3, 2019, 6:08 am IST
Updated May 3, 2019, 6:08 am IST
The powders can be used in smoothies, protein shakes and raita, or even added to dal, and she cautions, “Superfoods are not magic pills.
They also offer a protein and a black burger with activated charcoal that many regulars hop in for daily.
 They also offer a protein and a black burger with activated charcoal that many regulars hop in for daily.

Superfoods are touted to be the answer to weight loss, and said to replenish and restore body balance. Yet, very few people know what to do with the ingredients or for that matter, if their benefits are as universal. Answering this, and exploring the superfoods microcosm, recently Namu Kini, co-founder HappyHealthyMe Organics in Indiranagar held a workshop that brought these foods into the limelight. An apt time to explore super foods in their entirety… for this column, we took a bite of superfoods from this organic café’s carefully curated menu, and decided to explore and also skim through the information to give you some home truths.

The constantly searching health aficionado can use Kini’s DIYs to include in a diet and make educated choices. Namu Kini explains, “Consuming nutrient intense foods on a daily basis leads to a huge change in well-being, muscle recovery and stamina. These superfoods are vital for physical and mental health. Elite folk in the wellness and fitness industry know about the proprietary invincible super powders like amla, greens, wheat grass, barley grass, etc. We wanted to look beyond to ordinary folk, so the workshop demonstrated how one can make smoothies and include in the diet. Incidentally, we are also about to release a product for the fitness community.”


The SUPER meal
For our meal, we ordered the invincible green smoothie which came packed with anti-oxidants, was refreshing and lemony. We also ordered the thali, that gives you an abundant portion of brown rice, a poriyal of beans, carrots in grated coconut, a pumpkin and chickpea mor kolambu with delicious beetroot cutlets and a crispy leafy salad. It was delicious. Fresh. Simple food that ticked all the right boxes, though it was way too large a portion, we could do justice to only half! The next was a special Life Changing Platter, with three signature dips – a cashew cilantro pesto which was wholesome, hummus that went perfectly with crackers, and red beetroot hummus. The volley of seed crackers, veggie sticks, quinoa tabouleh, and a refreshing tossed salad ended this voluptuous meal - voluptuous because, it was way too full and filling for one person. A great plate to share. Colourful and fresh.

They also offer a protein and a black burger with activated charcoal that many regulars hop in for daily. “A lot of Bengaluru Football Club players are our customers, and they have testified to the goodness and recovering characteristics of superfoods. Our top superfoods are supergreens, amla, spirulina, moringa, chlorella and ashwagandha,” she adds.

There is a sense of health in every morsel that is served up at the café, apart from the list of powders, grains and other ingredients. Namu advices, “Our range of organic products (largest in the country) are those that have been used in Ayurveda.”

The powders can be used in smoothies, protein shakes and raita, or even added to dal, and she cautions, “Superfoods are not magic pills. You have to have a good moderate healthy diet and exercise routine too. Our invincible blend of greens is a good starting point.”

Superfoods, yes but with lifestyle changes Nutriotionist Rujuta Diwekar has, in earlier articles, attributed superfoods to those that give you the three Es: Energy to the body, economy to the farmer, ecology to the world. This might be a good starting point to add them to a diet. Dr Rashmi Rasquinha, a nutritionist and partner at Cast-a-Weigh which offers nutritional therapies cautions people to read between the lines and make informed choices, “The easiest way to decide what is a super food is ask it is ‘god’ made (existing naturally) or human made. The best superfoods are broccoli, aloe vera, berries, quinoa, flax seeds, chia seeds, cinnamon, turmeric, tender coconut water and avocado.”

While the wellness industry waxes eloquent about superfoods, it is advisable to understand that apart from super foods, that differ region to region, which should be sustainable, ecologically viable and easy on the pocket, they are not quick solutions… without the necessary lifestyle changes.

HappyHealthyMe has a menu which explores healthy alternatives, and sells many of the super foods and powders for overall wellness. A wonderful respite to walk into for a potion of wellness. The prices on the menu are a bit high for the simple fare available. Yet, it comes with the organics tag, which everyone is making a beeline for. 

Yogistaan Cafe
This quaint café packs a healthy punch. It has options for a hearty and wellness filled breakfast and salads, soups and much more. From a 10 grain toast, a body toning salad, tartines and burgers with medicinal teas, there is a large selection to choose from. Situated in Indiranagar, this is the haven for fitness aficionados. And has a large breakfast menu too. They also have quinoa burger and bhel, brown rice paella, three cereals Bento boxes, etc.

Green Theory
On Convent Road is this haven for a quick bite, which has a menu with options for salads with tofu or raw papaya, pear beetroot and quinoa, a lean Caesar bowl, platters and regular fare like pizzas as well.

Phalada Pure and Sure Café
The cafe in Jayanagar offers summer salads, coolers and desserts with palm sugar and avocado and moringa smoothies. They have a healthy bowl of just stir fried vegetables with mixed fried rice, nippat falafel in pita, jackfruit burger and jackfruit kheema, multi millet based biriyani and kheer among others. Helmed by Chef Tanvi Chandan, a partner at Pineapple Inc, the idea behind this café is to spread wellness.

Go Native
This restaurant in Jayanagar serves up healthy options and also explores the whole farm to fork and local artisan arena beautifully. From using indigenous grains, pulses and spices, the menu offers traditional flavours with a contemporary twist. The idea is to promote the local artisan or farmer with fresh, nutrient high and good food. The menu has millet dosa or bhath, pesarattu, salad with millet noodles or small plates of muthis, sabudana, avarekai lettuce wraps, masala banana flower roti apart from ragi smoothie and buttermilk.