Jamat-e-Islami Hind: Muslim women safe under Shariah

Nasera Khanam said that the Shariah is not a man-made law but a Divine law not only for Muslims but for all humanity.

Hyderabad: The women’s wing of the Jamat-e-Islami Hind on Tuesday said that Muslim women are bound to follow the Shariah and are happy doing so as it provides dignity to women and also social life.

JIH (TS) women’s wing in-charge Nasera Khanam, addressing a press conference here, said that the Shariah is not a man-made law but a Divine law not only for Muslims but for all humanity.

She said that the Shariah promotes stabilisation of the home as an institution and also provides individual dignity to woman. “Under the Shariah, a Muslim woman has the right to property and also has the right to run a business,” Ms Khanam said, citing the deterioration of the home as an institution in the West. “Shariah strikes a balance between the East and West,” she said.

Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks on triple talaq, Ms Khanam said, “If the PM has genuine sympathy towards Muslim women, why is his government not implementing Sachar Committee recommendations?”

She demanded the Union of India to implement Sachar Committee recommendations to fulfil the desire of Muslims girls for empowerment and education.

She said that JIH will set up Shariah Adalats in urban areas and Shariah panchayats in rural areas across TS to counsel women and create awareness about the government’s attempts to infringe upon the rights of Muslims by citing triple talaq, divorce and nikah.

“Muslim Personal Law and the Islamic teachings do not order men to marry four women. Islam permits polygamy for Muslim men, provided they are able to do justice in all spheres to their wives. The conditions are so strict that polygamy is not easy,” she said, adding, “The issue has been wrongfully propagated by vested interests for their own gain.”

JIH women’s wing convener Seema Lateefi said that they are also creating awareness among non-Muslim women about Shariah and the rights and protection it provides women.

The JIH women wing has been focusing on creating awareness among Muslim women working for right to education, employment, property and running of business for Muslim women, all rights guaranteed by the Shariah.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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