All acted to benefit private players in medical education: Madras HC

The judge said exemplary cost has been imposed only to make the authorities to follow laws.

Chennai: All stake holders involved have acted with hidden agenda for benefiting some private players, defrauded and caused irreparable loss and injury to meritorious and poor students of respective states, Madras high court said while imposing cost of Rs 1 crore each on Tamil Nadu government and Medical Council of India.

Holding that deemed universities are bound by seat sharing regulation framed by Medical Council of India, Justice N. Kirubakaran also condemned the action of the state government in not demanding 50 per cent medical seats of deemed universities.

When the other states like Maharashtra, Odhisha and Pondicherry have acted upon and included 50 per cent state quota seats in deemed universities, the government of TN had deliberately not demanded or included 50 per cent medical seats of the deemed universities and medical colleges, the judge said.
The judge directed MCI to pay cost of '1 crore in favour of “The Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu (Institute to empower persons with disabilities).

The judge said exemplary cost has been imposed only to make the authorities to follow laws.

The judge observed that advent of private medical institutions eventually leads to commercialization of medical education, wherein merit has been pushed to back seat and money started playing a prominent role enabling the less meritorious students getting into medical education and keeping out more meritorious and deserving students who have definite chances of becoming better doctors than those who get admitted.

Experience shows lesser meritorious students infiltrate into medical colleges, degrading and denting the standards of medical education and consequently, the medical services come to be rendered to common public by those less meritorious students. Therefore, more strict measures were being introduced by the central government and MCI, the judge added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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