NEET not now: SC hearing today

When states like Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, etc have already implemented NEET, why shouldn't Karnataka? Medical education department.

Bengaluru: The Karnataka government’s decision to appeal to the Supreme Court to put off the National Entrance and Eligibility Text (NEET) for admissions to MBBS and BDS courses by a year, has taken everyone by surprise — students, parents and officials alike. Most students are in a quandary whether they should prepare for the CET exam too with an air of uncertainty hovering over NEET.

When the apex court announced NEET to bring in an air of transparency in the medical entrance process, it was welcomed by students and parents, who felt they would not be at the mercy of private college managements anymore. With the court likely to take up the state’s plea for postponement of NEET on Tuesday, students are waiting with bated breath for the decision.

An officer wondered why the government should seek a year’s time to implement NEET when PU students have a CBSE/ ICSE level syllabus and are provided a level playing field vis-à-vis the others? Or is the government playing along with the sentiments of private medical colleges, many of which are owned by politicians, who stand to lose a lot if NEET is implemented?

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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