Year ahead not good for high-risk biz: Astrologers

Kala Yogam’ almanac writer Ponnaluri Srinivasa Gargeya said combination of Saturn and Mars also indicated losses in Bitcoin

KAKINADA: Astrologers warned the people against investing in Bitcoin and stock markets during the current year as the configuration of Saturn and Mars was not suitable for such activities.

Many astrologers made several predictions in their almanacs based on the movement of planets in various rasis. The ‘Kala Yogam’ almanac writer Ponnaluri Srinivasa Gargeya said Saturn was staying in Dhanishta star for 347 days out of 354 days of the new Telugu Year namely ‘Shubhakruth’ and as per ‘Bruh Samhitha’, such sign of Saturn was not suitable for speculation.

He also said the combination of Saturn and Mars also indicated losses in Bitcoin and other speculative businesses and also he also cautioned the people not to go to ‘rice pulling’ magics. He said two cyclones in May and June and earthquakes might occur in the country.

The Lalitha Parasara Astrological Group admin and astrological researcher Dr N. Poorna Mohan said as the Telugu New Year started with the combination of Saturn and Mars and nine planets will change their places in the present “Chaitra Masa’’, “war situations’’ and “gripping of fears’’ in national as well as in the world would happen. He said there would be danger of more accidents occurring in the country due to the movement of planets.

The Drikh Siddhanta Almanac Writers Association honorary president (DSAWA)Gorthi Machara Pattabhi Sastry said the crops, in particular paddy and black colour crops could give good yielding, but the people would suffer from hike in essential commodities. He also said religious disputes might increase and there would be a danger to communal harmony.

The Kanchi Kamakoti Asthana Siddanti and also DSAWA president L. Subrahmanyam said that this year would give good fortunes to working class people and though there would be some disturbances with the government decisions, the judicial system would rectify it.

Bhuvaneswari Peetham chief Chinta Gopi Sarma said political uncertainty would disturb the people and the development of the state.

Meanwhile, Ugadi was celebrated grandly in East and West Godavari districts. East Godavari district collector C. Hari Kiran felicitated Telugu Poets and astrologer Vakkalanka Ramakrishnamma Siddanti in Kakinada. Agriculture minister Kurasala Kannababu, Kakinada MLA D. Chandrasekhara Reddy, joint collector Sumit Kumar Gandhi, Keerthi Chekuri and others were present.

In West Godavari, district collector V. Prasanna Venkatesh wished that the people would lead their life in a happy and peaceful manner. He felicitated Vedic pandits in the celebrations.

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