Stars support govts, unfavourable for opposition, forebodes astrologer

Harsh inflation, war threats, hottest summer looms ahead; People will regain good health, thrive with new beginnings

Hyderabad: On Shubhakrutha Namah Nava Samvachara Ugadi, renowned astrologer and numerologist of the Telugu states, reading the new annual panchangam (almanac), Jayashankarr Sistlaa said, given the chart of distribution of responsibilities amongst Nava Nayakulu (new portfolios of nine planets), five are good and four negative, leading to an overall good year for everyone.

Elaborating on the fundamentals of the Shubhakrutha Telugu new year, Mr Jayashankarr Sistlaa said, “Shani (Saturn) is the maharaja (king) of this year’s nine rulers while Guruvu (Jupiter) is mantra. Budhudu (Mercury) holds twin portfolios this year as both Senapati (army) and Meghadipati (rains and irrigation). Ravi (Sun) will oversee productivity as Sasyadipathi, while Sukrudu (Venus) as Dhanayadipati will head crops, harvest, commerce, benefits and returns. Kujudu as Rasadhipati will look into people’s emotional wellbeing and health.”

Elaborating further, he said, “all nine planets have good powers but in the ultimate analysis, five of them are classified as Shubha Grahas (positive planets) and four as Papa Grahas (negative). This year, five good planets have power while four negative ones hold sway, leading to an overall good year for the world, especially India and the Telugu states.”

The broad predictions as per the master astrologer are that people’s overall experience of governance will be disappointing, with a huge rise in prices across all goods but culturally and socially, the year would be good for India. Despite prevalent factors for anti-incumbency, ruling parties will find favour of people and opposition generally will find it hard to recover ground and regain power, as astrologically it won’t get a heft in electoral showdowns. But the nature of political exchange will worsen, with terrible language and viperous exchanges between different leaders, Mr Sistlaa said.

Politics will generally be good though, with a broadscale improvement in relationships between Centre and those states who are currently having issues. There will be resolutions and strains will thaw. Welfare schemes will be the biggest success of all governments, Centre or both Telugu states, and come to the aid of common people, said Jayashankarr Sistlaa, who has given astrological and numerological solutions to several high profile clients and now consults many NRIs online.

Other generic predictions include newer taxes, states resorting to huge new loans, strain and constant tension at borders, with more intrusions and a perpetual shadow of war. “There will be a threat of war but no actual war is indicated in the Indian sub-continent. India’s prominence and prestige will grow multi-fold, and the Modi government will garner good praise. Initiatives of our armed forces, as well as Space experiments, will be successful. Bountiful and timely rains will keep farmers happy and southern states will not face big natural hazards though there are dangers of floods for certain north Indian states,” he predicted.

While no health pandemic is indicated, the summer heat will peak to the harshest levels, causing untold suffering to people, including loss of lives. Shani as king will mean the prices of energy, petroleum and fuels, including electricity will keep increasing, he said.

Overall, it is a year for new beginnings, for businesses, startups and will prove successful not only for farmers but also students, education, real estate, and film industry.

“The film industry will mark its best year ahead and Tollywood will grow in reckoning nationally and globally. Patriotism will be the most successful theme, reflecting a growing mood amongst people,” Mr Sistlaa said.

Commenting on specific leaders, he predicted that the raja yoga of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a further ascendancy. “Modi will have a year where he will get more things closer to his heart.”

Similarly, neither Chief Minister of the two Telugu states will find any major opposition. “There will be unpopularity for both Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and K. Chandrasekhar Rao but it won’t be enough to challenge them. Both will reign supreme over their respective state. While welfare schemes will keep Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy’s core support intact, sympathy will grow for N. Chandrababu Naidu but won’t be of any advantage politically,” he forecast.

“Pawan Kalyan will be the biggest beneficiary in Andhra politics, with an exceptional rise in stature but his plans for a grand alliance may not be fruitful,” he said.

“Despite a plethora of criticism against him, KCR will remain the most acceptable leader of Telangana and the opposition won’t be able to push him from pole position. His only danger will be distraction of attention from the state,” Mr Sistlaa portended.

Defending astrology as being a traditional science based on sound principles, Mr Sistlaa, who can be reached at or at 9032805050, said, “like a vaccine personally protects you from a general virus, interventions like vastu, or numerology or astrological solutions offer individuals or groups protection from dangers and provide additional powers to succeed.”

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