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Vijayawada: Poll campaigns hit construction works

Published Apr 3, 2019, 7:39 am IST
Updated Apr 3, 2019, 7:40 am IST
Construction workers take part in a BJP election campaign rally in Vijayawada on Tuesday. (Photo:  C. Narayana Rao)
 Construction workers take part in a BJP election campaign rally in Vijayawada on Tuesday. (Photo: C. Narayana Rao)

Vijayawada: Election campaign has affected construction works due to shortage of workers. Owners are postponing construction works till completion of the campaign.

Besides construction workers and labourers, others too are going for election campaigns. Manpower suppliers are busy arranging workers for election campaigns in Vijayawada, Guntur, Tenali, Machilipatnam, Ongole, Eluru, Rajahmu-ndry, Kakinada, Visakh-apatnam, Nellore and ot-her important constit-uencies as crowds are a must to attract voters to-wards candidates of the main political parties.

Most workers in the construction sector are going for election campaign for various political parties as the latter are offering Rs 500 to Rs 600 per day with free tasty food and liquor.

Construction workers say that they have to do 8 to 10 hours laborious work per day while during election campaigns, all they have to do is only walk carrying flags with the candidates.

B. Janardhan who is constructing a multi-storied complex lamented that daily at least 20 workers are required for construction but most workers have gone as election campaigners and so he has stopped his construction work.

He said that this trend will continue till completion of the campaign so construction will restart after the conclusion of the election campaigns.

Manpower supplier G. Subramanyam said that people from various sections of society come for work as election campaigners, and most of them are construction and other workers. He said that campaigning with political party leaders and candidates is easy compared to labour and a variety of food and liquor attracts them. He said that some workers campaign for two candidates, one in the morning for one and the other in the evening.

A second rung leader B. Pratap who is looking after campaign arrangements for various candidates said that the campaign starts at 8 am or 9 am and stops at 10 or 11 am in the morning session and 4 pm to 8 or 10 pm in the second session so those taking part in the campaigning get plenty of time for rest.



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