People of Sircilla, Mulugu districts to get smart health cards

A highlight of the project is the public health module. The central server will have the health data of all citizens within the district

SIRCILLA / MULUGU: Officials of the medical and health department are gearing up to conduct a comprehensive health survey of individuals under the state government’s prestigious e-Health Profile being implemented as a pilot project in Rajanna Sircilla and Mulugu districts.

The initiative basically has two components – public health and hospital automation. It envisages the development of Electronic Health Record (EHR) of population and end-to-end automation of all government healthcare institutions with the integrated electronic demographic database.

A highlight of the project is the public health module. The central server will have the health data of all citizens within the district. Data will be collected by health workers in the field. Every individual within the district will then be issued a smart card containing all his / her details of health.

Under the second component of the project, all peripheral hospitals will be connected with the district and teaching hospitals to bridge any gap in the delivery of health care all across the state.

Health commissioner Vakati Karuna held a video conference with officials of the two districts, pointing out that such health data will help identify district-specific seasonal and other diseases. Health officials will thus be able to take appropriate measures for dealing with those diseases. Knowledge of health status will help doctors take adequate precautions while providing treatment to an individual during any accident or health emergency.

“The health care survey we took up at Utnoor in the past gave us successful results,” she underlined.

As per the voters’ list, the population of Rajanna Sircilla district is 4.22 lakh. If persons employed or settled in other regions are excluded, this population will be around 3.8 lakh. To carry out the health survey, medical and health department has formed 234 teams in Rajanna Sircilla district and 150 teams in Mulugu district. Each team will include one ANM and two ASHA workers. They will be given medical kits including a digital tablet. They will be trained as to how they must conduct the health survey and what data they should collect from individuals.

Data recorded on the tab includes an individual’s height, weight, gender, percentage of haemoglobin, blood group, blood pressure, diabetes, problems related to eyes, kidneys, liver and heart; and details of any chronic diseases individuals or family members are suffering from.

Health teams will have their own login ID and passwords. Data collected by them during the survey will be uploaded into the central server.

District medical and health officer Dr Suman Mohan Rao told Deccan Chronicle that e-health profile will be highly useful as each individual will receive the health smart card containing their medical details. The data will be of immense help, particularly during an emergency medical situation.

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