Congress, BJP betrayed, backstabbed AP, says Jagan Mohan Reddy

Reddy further alleged that Mr Naidu was caught on audio and video tapes in the cash-for-vote case in Telangana State.

Vijayawada: YSRC president and opposition leader Mr Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has alleged that Congress and BJP had betrayed and backstabbed Andhra people with the Special Category Status issue. Addressing a conclave on Saturday he said, “It does not make a difference to YSRC whether Telugu Desam is aligning with Congress as the battle in AP State is between credibility and opportunism.”

Explaining about his Praja Sankalpa Yatra, he said, “While I was on the road for 14 months I saw the plight of the common people. Yatra has given people a sense of hope and their hope is driving me to do things for them. I have a dream to stay alive in people’s memory long after my death, for that I need to do a lot of good for the people.”

Mr Reddy said that in the year 2014, Mr Chandrababu Naidu knew that farm loans worth Rs 87,612 crore couldn’t be waived but he made a false promise asking them not to repay their loans which later put them in a difficult situation. He said, “One should not make false promises. The biggest problem originating from Mr Naidu’s regime is that his credibility has hit rock bottom. Any government scheme should go to all eligible people without any discrimination or partiality; schemes should be implemented in saturation mode.” Mr Reddy alleged that the TD Government asked people about who they voted for in the last election before giving any benefit, which was severely objectionable.

Mr Reddy further alleged that Mr Naidu was caught on audio and video tapes in the cash-for-vote case in Telangana State. Forensic reports had confirmed Mr Naidu’s voice but he had gone scot-free due to his illegal managing of systems. Mr Reddy added that the new capital Amaravati was a big scam as after becoming CM, Mr Naidu knew exactly where the capital city was coming up, but he misled people into believing that the capital city was coming up elsewhere.

Mr Reddy also said that Mr Naidu had bought land cheaply from farmers on his own company Heritage’s name and on the name of his benamis in the exact capital city location. This was equivalent to insider trading and it was a breach of oath of secrecy. He gave a decorative name of land pooling under the guise of land acquisition and alleged that Mr Naidu went a step ahead and gave pooled land to anybody of his choice at whatever rate he wanted.

Mr Reddy affirmed, “Our interest is very clear. We are not against Rahul Gandhi or anybody. Our stance is very simple. You give us SCS and we support your alliance. The Congress has evaporated in AP and it has turned a non-player in the State. We don’t need Congress but they probably will need us.”

Responding to the cases against him, Mr Reddy said, “Petitioners in all of my cases are TD and Congress leaders who were against the launching of YSRC. All these cases are politically fabricated.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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