Another govt college in Udupi denies entry to girls wearing hijab

College authorities said that they had decided not to allow any additional attire other than the specified uniform

Udupi: Even before the Hijab issue got a solution in the Women’s Government College in Udupi, a similar issue has cropped up in another government college in Kundapur of Udupi district.

Students wearing Hijab were not allowed entry into the college on Thursday. The Principal asked them not to enter the college by wearing Hijab.

“There are 28 students who attend classes wearing Hijab in the government PU College in Kundapur. They have been wearing it for many years. But today when 25 students came to the college (three were absent due to health issues) they were put out of the college gate,” Campus Front of India leader Nawaz told Deccan Chronicle.

“The students have been wearing Hijab for many years and the college authorities did not have any problem. But two days ago they suddenly asked the students not to wear. Yesterday a meeting was held where parents were invited. The parents made it clear that the students were wearing Hijab for many years,” he said.

“Today when the students came to the college, they were asked to get out of the gate. The 25 students were sitting outside the gate from 9 am to 3.30 pm hopeful that some officials will solve the problem. But nothing happened,” he said.

Sources said that some boys in the college had opposed Muslim girls wearing Hijab. The boys had also come with a saffron shawl on Wednesday. However, after warning they came to college without the saffron shawl on Thursday.

College authorities said that the College Development Authority had decided not to allow any additional attire other than the specified uniform.

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