BJP aims major party rehaul after Sankranti

Hyderabad: Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP is preparing to overhaul the party's central structure as well as make changes in the government at the Centre, as it embarks on what party insiders have termed as "building lanes" for the party to progress over the following 15 years.

While most changes at the national level are expected after Sankranti, it is unclear whether they would have an impact on the party in Telangana.

"There is buzz that changes are on the horizon, but we don't know what they will be. From what we understand, this is being planned to build possible leadership channels and lay the groundwork for the party to move forward over the next two decades," a party leader said here on Monday.

One thing appears to be certain: State party unit president Bandi Sanjay will resume his padayatra, perhaps as early as the end of January. It had been suspended recently in the belief that the state was heading for snap polls.

According to sources, the changes will take into consideration social equations and ensure that all groups of society find an appropriate position in the party structure and the government. These changes are aimed at helping the BJP prepare for the 2024 Parliament elections, as well as provide additional momentum in states that are holding elections, such as Telangana, which will hold Assembly elections at the end of this year.

With word spreading for some time that changes were on the way in Telangana as well, speculation was rife in the Telangana BJP till a few days ago that Sanjay could find himself with a larger role at the Centre. There was also speculation that if this happens, party legislator Etala Rajendar could be moved higher to a larger role in the state BJP.

However, when one of the state leaders brought it up, party general secretary and state affairs in-charge Tarun Chugh shot it down at a recent two-day conference of vistaraks or full-time workers.

The state BJP has devised a comprehensive strategy to strengthen its organisation, beginning with a series of activities after Sankranti. “As of now, there is no information, or indications, of how the proposed changes might affect the BJP in Telangana or its MPs,” a party leader told Deccan Chronicle.

However, ever since the discussions about the possible changes in the party, and the BJP government at the Centre started a few days ago, there have been some animated discussions in the state BJP on possible future prospects of its leaders.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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