JD(U) poster asks RJD to give account of its rule

The Opposition RJD feels that the poster has been put up by the ruling party in order to mislead the people.

Patna: Ahead of the Assembly polls that are scheduled later this year, posters comparing the 15 years of RJD’s governance with that of the ruling JD(U) have been put up in Patna.

The Opposition RJD feels that the poster has been put up by the ruling party in order to mislead the people.

The poster which has been put up near the busy Income Tax crossing in Patna say, “Hisab do Hisab lo. 15 years versus 15 years”, (Give an account of your work and we will give ours).

According to RJD leaders, the poster shows “JD(U)’s desperation” as the party is losing popularity in Bihar due to its failures on many fronts which includes deteriorating law and order scenario, AES deaths, flood and drought.

“It seems that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his party is trying to establish a new tradition in politics by asking the Opposition to give an account of their work instead of going before the masses with the report card of their own. Everybody knows that JD(U) has been in power for the last 15 years in the state,” senior RJD leader Shivanand Tiwary said.

He also sought an explanation from the state government for not releasing its performance report card after it returned to power in 2015.

“He (Nitish Kumar) had started a tradition of releasing the report card of his government at the beginning of every New Year. But this has not been done for the last four years. Why?, Tiwary said.

The Opposition parties feel that the NDA’s confidence in Bihar has been shaken by the Jharkhand election results where the united Opposition comprising the JMM, the Congress and the RJD registered a resounding victory against the BJP.

In Bihar, the Assembly polls are expected in November. Nitish Kumar who is also JD(U) president has already been declared the face of NDA in the state.

While reacting to RJD’s statement on the poster’s issue, BJP spokesperson Nikhil Anand said that “Any political enthusiast may have put up the poster comparing 15 years of RJD rule with NDA government in Bihar but it signifies the fact that RJD regime was known for misrule, chaos, confusion while NDA regime is known for corruption-free development and good governance. We had growth rate of 3.2 per cent during the RJD era while the present NDA rule is registering 13.2 per cent growth rate”.

The JD(U) also attacked the RJD for raising questions on the good governance policy of Nitish Kumar and the state government.

In a statement JD(U) spokesperson Rajiv Ranjan Prasad said, “the 15 years of RJD’s rule in Bihar was like a nightmare. The party will never return to power in Bihar. Nitish Kumar’s vision has benefitted every class in the state. Bihar has progressed in the field of education, industry and the state government is working to generate employment”.

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