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Kerala nun exposes unholy practices of church priests

Published Dec 2, 2019, 1:51 am IST
Updated Dec 2, 2019, 1:51 am IST
Sr Lucy.
 Sr Lucy.

Wayanad: Sr Lucy Kalappurayil who publicly rebelled against the church demanding expulsion of Bishop Franco Mulakkal for the alleged rape of a nun, has written an autobiography revealing her own bitter experiences.

The book Karthavinte Namathil (In the name of Christ) reveals that she was subjected to sexual abuse attempts by priests four times during her convent life. Sr Lucy, who joined the group of nuns in agitating against Bishop Mulakkal, also revealed the alienation within her congregation and attempts to isolate and expel her after the protests.

Writing about the sexual excesses of some ‘revered’ priests she said that a nun had once told her that she was subjected to sexual abuse by a priest in the church premises. The nun was not embarrassed by the incident, but seemed to enjoy it, Sr Lucy alleged.

The book went on to allege that elderly nuns in some convents used to push younger nuns towards priests for sexual subjugation. The book further alleged that the priests ‘enjoy’ in the company of nude nuns for hours.

These nuns were subject to unparallel sexual perversions in the house of the priests near the church, she wrote in the autobiography.

Sr Lucy also alleged that the notorious priest Robin who was convicted for impregnating an underaged girl at Kottiyoor had illicit affairs with many nuns. The book went on to claim that when a nun got pregnant with a priest and gave birth to a child, the church protected the priest.

Speaking to reporters about the contents in the book, Sr Lucy said that it would contain only the truth as the book’s title was written in the name of Christ.

“I have written about my experience as a nun for 35 years and also some of my experiences as a child,” she said. “I was forced to tell some bitter things in the open as I had such a bad experience from many of the higher authorities in the church,” she added. It is only one book which is going to be published. “The church authorities must realise that there are many more such experiences in spirit and heart about nuns and their kith and kin, which are yet to be inked and published as the social and cultural climate within the church and the society are not ready to receive it,” she said.

The book also has many documents, including letters from superiors of her congregation, written to her as part of procedure to expel her from the Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC). The book published by DC Books has 232 pages and 36 chapters.

Location: India, Kerala


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