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Bengaluru: Hold your nose, you’re in Wilson Garden!

Published Oct 2, 2017, 1:30 am IST
Updated Oct 2, 2017, 4:59 am IST
Every day the commuters, residents and passersby have to hold their nose and make a dash away from the black spot.
Uncleared garbage lying at Hari Laxmi Theatre compound in Wilson Garden. (Photo: DC)
 Uncleared garbage lying at Hari Laxmi Theatre compound in Wilson Garden. (Photo: DC)

Bengaluru: Hari Laxmi theatre in Wilson Garden had shut shop two decades ago, but now the premises have become an illegal dumping ground. Nearby residents face serious health hazard and shopkeepers claim they are losing business due to the ever present stench in the area. Residents lament that civic authorities have turned a blind eye to their woes. However, the local corporator claims he is not aware of the problem!

Hari Laxmi theatre got shut down about twenty years ago, but few nearby residents at Wilson Garden might have thought that the now abandoned building would become a garbage dump yard.


Every day the commuters, residents and passersby have to hold their nose and make a dash away from the black spot.

Residents at 12th Cross, Wilson Garden say the situation has worsened in the last one year and allege that the corporator has never visited the area. The black spot is taking a toll on the business of the eateries located nearby.

Kishen Kumar who has been staying at Wilson garden for the past one year feels disgusted at the government apathy that has also been posing as health hazard for the past several years.

“The residents staying opposite to the dilapidated building face serious health risks. How can people change their homes now? We have no choice but to stay here and suffer,” said Kumar with a feeling of hopelessness.


To add to the already dismal situation of the waste disposal in the locality, the garbage is burnt on the premises of this  forsaken structure. It has also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a habitat for strays.

The shopkeepers are losing business because customers cannot stand the stench. Often the residents wake up to smoky and choked mornings because of burning garbage.

Ravi who runs a bakery opposite to the deserted building said, “The garbage is burnt regularly. It not only impacts my health, but most of the customers do not stand at my shop for more than 5 minutes.”


When asked if the corporator ever visited the area or know about the problem, he said, “In the past one year, I have never seen the corporator in the area. Everything in the name of development is a farce.”

The motorists are inconvenienced while navigating their vehicles as the garbage often spills over to the middle of the road. On top of it, there are several spots in the Wilson Garden where roads are found to be riddled with potholes.

“The spots covered with patches often get washed away during rains. It is dangerous to drive even at a medium speed. The administration’s nonchalant attitude is disgusting,” said Abdul. The Wilson Garden residents want the administration to wake up to this painful reality. The constitution gives the right to all the citizens of the country to stay in a clean environment, but the current picture of the locality violates all that.


‘Not aware of problem, sanctioned funds not received’
Q&A with Corporator D. Chandrappa

The garbage is often burned at the premises of Hari Laxmi theatre. Why?
As of now I am not aware of the situation, but will check the status and take punitive action. I cannot comment on anything which I am not aware of.

Rs 1.3 crore is the budget share of the Hombegowda ward. Is it adequate to carry out developmental work?
The budget share of the ward is about Rs 2 crore, but I am still waiting for the fund. Though in the budget session it was announced that the ward would get the amount, but it seems the wait is long. The moment the ward receives the amount all the developmental work will be taken up.


Wilson Garden is in also in the news because of the potholes. What are you doing about it?
Yes, the road work will be taken up. The funds should first reach us. As I said, the developmental works will be taken up after the funds will reach us.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru