Despite Public Holiday, Companies in Hyderabad Remain Open, Sparking Complaints

Hyderabad: Despite June 2 being a public holiday across the state, several companies and institutions have remained open on Friday.

Many employees of multinational companies (MNCs) complained that they were forced to work on the day. "We lose out on several religious holidays that most other companies enjoy because of a 'no religion policy' that our company wears as some sort of badge of pride — these are just ways to have people at work everyday. Like that wasn't enough, we were asked to come to work on Friday," said an employee.

Another manager working with a top tech giant admitted to not giving their employees a holiday for the fear of a long weekend. "Several people assumed it'll be a holiday and applied for leave on Thursday so they'd get a four-day break. Just a day before, people were informed that it's not a working day," he said.

A logistics company employee said that when they asked the human resources department, they were told the Formation Day was not an official holiday.

A couple of coaching centres asked students to attend their classes for the second half of the day.

A corporate school in Miyapur asked students of Class 10 to attend a two-hour, two-subject class. "When parents raised questions about it, they made it a mandatory online class," a parent of the school told Deccan Chronicle. A similar suggestion was made by a popular math coaching centre who later withdrew the mandatory attendance clause for the online class.

"We never had such a public holiday (rather an optional or celebratory day) for Andhra Pradesh formation day 10 years ago. So that's probably why most institutions and companies refuse to let go one day, especially at the start of an academic year," a correspondent of a school told the newspaper, who declared a holiday on student WhatsApp group late Thursday night.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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