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Miyapur land scam: Prasad employed many tricks

Deccan Chronicle| Kamalapathi Rao H

Published on: June 1, 2017 | Updated on: June 2, 2017

Created two sets of fake documents that were used to reach a deal.

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Hyderabad: ‘Goldstone’ Prasad was certainly not a one-trick pony. The mastermind behind the Rs 587 crore Miyapur land scam had different modus operandi for different parcels of lands that he set his eyes on.

When it came to grabbing patta/government lands, he had an ingenious way. In one instance in 2005, when Prasad wanted to grab  land in survey number 78 in Hafeezpet along the IT corridor, he created two sets of fabricated documents of the lands, registered it in the names of his benamis, adding his daughters and relatives as parties.

Then, based on the two sets of false documents, he would have one of his benamis go to court claiming the lands, and another file a counter. After some days, the second party would give Prasad an ‘Assignment Deed’, stating that they did not have rights over the land. Then, he would effect a ‘Compromise Decree’ in court and  go into possession of the disputed lands.

The original patta owners – the government – would never figure as a party. Without the government’s knowledge, Prasad registered a 70 acre parcel.

One of the inheritors of the Khurshid Jah Paiga lands in survey numbers 77 to 80 in Hafeezpet, Mohammad Moizuddin Khan, said they did not know anything about the cases and they had not been named respondents.

"I had settled in London and did not know about the issue until a few months after Prasad cooked up the ‘Assignment Deed’. I had to come back to fight the land grabbers’ case in court," Mr Khan said.

False cases long fights

  • A goldsmith in Neredmet wanted to construct on a land plot but some people claimed to own the land. He had to struggle for three years in district court.
  • A government employee had a three-bedroom house on 400 square yards of plot in Boduppal. With market value increasing, some persons began threatening him stating that they were having genuine records.
  • Some persons claimed entire colony of Subash Chandra Bose Nagar in Hafeezpet 10 years ago and came with proclainer to demolish the houses. After a long struggle in court, the colony association got injunction orders. But, before the court’s order, the private party demolished about 30 houses.
  • Similar cases have reported in Puppalaguda, Manikonda, Narsingi, Kismathpur and surrounding areas to city.

Yousuf misdeeds led to Rs 686cr loss
Cyberabad police after arresting Balanagar Sub Registrar Mohammed Yousuf found that he had registered government and prohibited lands violating the provisions of the Registration Act that caused a loss of around Rs 686 crore to the Government in the form of stamp duty and registration fee.

Police also found that the suspects claiming to be the legal heirs to Nawab Mohammed Khaisaruddin Khan executed the General Power of Attorney in favour of PA Parthasarathi who is the director of Trinity Infra Ventures. Police established that this fraudulent deal was executed at the instance of Parthasarathi and other members of Trinity group.

Investigations also revealed that Miyapur was a jagir village of Nawab Khaisarudin Khan and the pucca book was prepared in 1917-1918. As per records, the lands covered in survey numbers 20 and 28 in  Miyapur area are government lands. The suspects approached Hayath-unnisa Begum and got executed the registration sale agreement in 2016 in favour of one Mohammed Shareef through Yousuf. The internal audit revealed other details. As per the contents, 70 per cent of the rights were on the lands in Miyapur and 50 per cent were in other neighbouring villages.

The fabricated documents included the entire land of Miyapur village and seven other villages so the market value cannot be assessed. The loss of revenue also cannot be determined, officials said. Police also found another accused in the case, Adv Krishna Reddy, who also conspired with the others to execute the deal. In the agreement of sale, 5 per cent of share is allotted to him for protecting and safeguarding their interests till date.

While, Yousuf and Mohammed Mubrajuddin Khan were arrested, four others involved in the case are still at large. Teams have been formed to nab them.

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