China extends its footprint to 25 per cent of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

Sources said increased Chinese presence in PoK is a direct threat to India's security.

New Delhi: China has now extended its footprint to nearly 25 per cent of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The startling revelation, made in a classified report to the government by a Central intelligence agency last week, is causing considerable concern in New Delhi’s security establishment.

According to the report, details of which have been accessed by this newspaper, most of this increased Chinese presence, which includes troops from the People’s Liberation Army, is in the form of undertaking strategic infrastructure projects in Gilgit, Baltistan and Satpara.

“China has been strategically increasing its presence in PoK by deploying technicians, engineers and PLA troops, and this has increased over the last few months. Even most of the technicians and engineers are also from the PLA,” the report states. Sources said increased Chinese presence in PoK was a direct threat to India’s security.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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