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Anyone who donates Rs 50,000 for serving Covid victims and post a receipt for the same on his website would get free promo film made by him

Hyderabad: A good turn deserves another. Putting this adage into practice, a young techie set up a website which soon started yielding positive results. According to Sriharsha Karamchati, he came across, while browsing online, an idea that appealed to him. The idea was that anyone who donates Rs 50,000 for serving Covid-19 victims, irrespective of how they have done it, and post a receipt for the same on his website, would in turn get a free promotional film made by him. Those who are able to give lesser amounts to the needy among Covid-19 patients or the disease-hit families will get help for setting up their own businesses and he will mentor the same too.

Karamchati said he came across the idea posted by Anshumani Rudhra who works at Google-Pay, and soon after he created a website. Interestingly, around 20 people who visited the site, began sharing information about it, and soon a group of around 150 people was formed, many from technology backgrounds, and students from the likes of Cambridge and Oxford universities. “So far, around Rs 20 lakh have been donated directly to beneficiaries by these people,” he said.

“One such beneficiary is a young girl who lost her mother to Covid-19 and whose father is getting treated at a private hospital for the pandemic. She was struggling to pay the bills but within a week, she received around Rs 6 lakh,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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