Naga Sadhus busy performing homas, predict BSY victory

With the sadhus also reading the palms of candidates and predicting their winning chances.

Hubballi: They are Shaivite saints, who usually live in the Himalayan caves and in Varanasi. But these elections the Naga Sadhus have emerged from their remote abodes to descend on the state and give its politicians some “divine advice.”

Recently over 20 Naga Sadhus performed homa at the house of state BJP chief, B S Yeddyurappa and predicted, much to his delight that he would come to power.

With coils of matted hair on their heads and bodies smeared in thick ash, these holy men travel in luxury cars through Gadag, Haveri, Bagalkot and other parts of North Karnataka ,visiting the homes of ministers and legislators trying their luck in the elections. Jamkhandi legislator, Siddu Nyamgoudar, Ron MLA, G S Patil, Davangere district BJP president and the party candidate, Yashwantrao Jadhav are among several politicians, who have taken the blessing of these sadhus.

“We have been ordered by Hindu god Shiva to visit the houses of candidates, who are sure to win these Assembly elections and guide them on their campaigning. We also advise them to work for the welfare of farmers, working class and poor,” said Shwethagiri Naga Sadhu after meeting the Ron legislator. But Mr Patil claimed the sadhus came to him of their own accord while he was on a padayatra and predicted his victory with a huge margin.

With the sadhus also reading the palms of candidates and predicting their winning chances, there are many takers for their advice among politicians, who are only too willing to resort to the supernatural come elections.

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