PM Modi hits out at dynastic politics at land's end

India No longer helpless against terror, said PM Modi.

Kanyakumari: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday hit back at the Opposition parties for accusing the BJP of 'blatantly politicising' the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces and charged them with compromising national security and even suspecting the war against terror just to further their own political agenda.

“Sadly, a few parties, guided by Modi hatred, have started hating India. No wonder, while the entire nation supports our Armed Forces, they suspect the Armed Forces. The world is supporting India's fight against terror, but a few parties suspect our fight against terror,” the PM said virtually converting a government function to launch several development projects into a political rally here.

Taking the name of Wing Commander Abhinandan for the first time since Wednesday, he said the entire country was proud of its brave son, Tamil Nadu even more.

He said the Opposition's allegations (on politicizing) were actually harming India while helping Pakistan, as their statements were being “happily quoted” in Pakistan's Parliament and on its radio. In fact, the Opposition statement was quoted by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's party, ?Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), on Thursday while suggesting if the action was taken in view of the Indian Parliament polls.

“I want to ask them (Opposition)--do you support our armed forces or suspect them? They should clarify. Do they believe our Armed Forces, or do they believe those forces that support terrorism? I want to tell them- Modi will come and go, India will remain. Please stop weakening India to strengthen your own politics. Your politics can wait,” the PM thundered.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the choice before the people in the coming polls is between his NDA's "strength and stability" and the Opposition camp's "weakness and vulnerability".

The forced amalgamation of 'mahamilavat' clearly looked a "confused lot" as it has "no name" to offer as India's next leader whereas the "entire country knows our leadership and work culture", he said at a massive rally here after launching various government projects.

The PM said while the Opposition alliance would "remain hostage to individual egos and dynastic ambitions", he would toil only for the people. "My family is 130 crore Indians. I will live for them, I will die for them. I am not in public life to further a dynasty. I am here to do whatever I can for the growth of India. I seek your blessings to create an India where the dreams of the poorest of poor are fulfilled".

Listing out the various 'achievements' of his NDA government, he lashed out at the Congress on issues of corruption, protecting the rights of Dalits and improving the lot of the middle class, besides national security. He took special pains to paint the Congress as anti-Dalit, pointing out that the party had twice ensured the defeat of Dr Ambedkar in elections and would not have his portrait placed in the Parliament. Taking pot shots at the DMK-Congress alliance, Modi said, "India remembers 2009 and how the DMK and Congress allotted portfolios after the elections. Ministers were being picked not by the Prime Minister but by those who had nothing to do with public service. There was telephone bargaining for minister posts". He was obviously referring to the Radia Tapes that featured journalists and corporate lobbyists discussing portfolios. On the other hand, his government was fulfilling the dreams of the late C Rajagopalachari by "creating an economy that is reform-oriented and people-friendly", said the PM.

He also hit out at former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram accusing him of "insulting the middle class" and poked fun at him saying he was petitioning courts for "family bail package" just like his bosses in the Congress, the Gandhis. He chose not to name Chidambaram but termed him as "the recounting minister", for the second time in a month-a reference to PC winning his Sivaganga Lok Sabha seat in 2009 by a narrow margin after recounting of votes. PC, however, has insisted there was never any recount of votes in Sivaganga.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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