India is no longer helpless against terrorism, says PM Modi

The PM said the current NDA govt unlike the previous govt would never tolerate terrorism that remained a big menace for the country for long.

Kanyakumari: “India will no longer be helpless in the wake of terror,” declared Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who blamed that some Opposition parties have been suspicious of the surgical airstrike of our airforce in the wake of the Pulwama terror incident.

Addressing at a public rally in Kanyakumari, where projects to the tune of Rs 40,000 crore were inaugurated on Friday, the prime minister said the current NDA government unlike the previous governments would never tolerate terrorism that remained a big menace for the country for long.

Referring to the air strike on Pakistan-based terror camps by our airforce, Mr Modi said the events of the past few days had once again demonstrated the strength of our armed forces. He too added that he bow before every Indian for extending an extraordinary support to the armed forces.

“However, sadly a few political parties guided by Modi hatred started hating India and they suspect the act of our air force” complained the PM, who too blamed that the statements of those peple help Pakistan harming India.

“The statements of those political parties were happily quoted by Pakistan parliament and by their radio against India,” regretted the PM, who too appealed to those suspicious of our armed forces to stop weakening the could try for their politics. Mr Modi however, did not mention the names of the parties he was blaming.

Criticising the previous congress government of pat-ronaging corruption, Mr Modi said, corruption would be acceptable to them but not to him.

Taking the chance of addressing the government function at Kanyakumari, the BJP bastion in the state, the PM asked the people to choose between strength and stability which BJP represents and the Opposition representing weakness and vulnerability.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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