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Oppn in RS objects to IT Bill being treated as Money Bill

Published Dec 1, 2016, 8:44 pm IST
Updated Dec 1, 2016, 8:45 pm IST
The issue of Taxation Laws (2nd Amendment) Bill, 2016 being treated as Money Bill was raised by Naresh Agrawal of Samajwadi Party.
Rajya Sabha.
 Rajya Sabha.

New Delhi: The Rajya Sabha on Thursday saw the Opposition protesting against treating of the Income Tax Amendment Bill, which was passed by the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, as a Money Bill, saying it amounted to "undermining" the House of Elders which will have to pass it in any case.

While raising this point, Congress members Jairam Ramesh and P Chidambaram engaged in an argument with Deputy Chairman P J Kurien, who insisted that there should be no allegations.


The issue of Taxation Laws (2nd Amendment) Bill, 2016 being treated as Money Bill was raised by Naresh Agrawal of Samajwadi Party who said the government was "undermining" the Rajya Sabha as it does not have majority in this House.

Kurien said it had not been done by the government but the decision was taken by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha under Article 110 of the Constitution.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu then said the Upper House can discuss the bill and members can also move amendments. He said such a thing had not been done for the first time but had been practised since the days of G V Mavlankar, Speaker of the first Lok Sabha.


Ramesh joined the issue, saying "As members of this House, we are not questioning Article 110 (which defines a Money Bill). We are not questioning the decision of the Speaker. The Speaker's decision is final. That is what the Constitution says. But on the 18th of November, a new twist was given to Article 110."

He said if this were to set a precedent, then "anything and everything will be a Money Bill."

As he made certain remarks, Kurien asked Ramesh not to make any allegation. "Whatever is the allegation and aspersion, that is expunged," the Deputy Chairman ruled.

Ramesh insisted that it is not a Money Bill and sought to question why it was being treated so.

"You cannot make this allegation. Sit down... You cannot criticize a ruling," Kurien told the Congress leader.

Naidu then said Ramesh was insulting the Chair. "This is something unheard of in the history of Parliament. ... He cannot make an aspersion on the Chair," he said, adding "This is unacceptable."

Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad joined in to say that Ramesh's comments are "very unfair."

Kurien said "anything criticizing the ruling of the Chair is also expunged."

Tapan Kumar Sen of CPI(M) said the issue has been discussed time and again in the House. "The other day four other Bills were amended in the name of them being Money Bills. This has been going on."

Kurien then said, "I allowed the discussion. That discussion should not be used as an excuse for criticizing the ruling of the Chair. Nor should that be used to make an allegation against the Leader of the House. I do not accept either..."

Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Ramesh should apologise for saying something like that.


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