Tension in Nandyal over removal of shanties

Kurnool: Efforts to clear makeshift homes of the underprivileged in Nandyal have heightened tensions in the town. The municipal authorities had issued notifications for the removal of shanties and shops lining the Bommalasatram-Nunnapalle road.

On Sunday morning, when officials and police personnel arrived to execute the eviction as part of a road-widening project, the affected individuals raised concerns about the absence of alternative accommodations. They strongly protested against the dismantling of their shops and dwellings, resulting in a heated standoff.

Former MLA and Telugu Desam leader Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy arrived at the spot to lend his support to 120 affected individuals seeking justice on their behalf. This intervention further fueled disputes with the officials, leading to Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy's detention and subsequent transfer to the police station.

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