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Brains behind world's 1st artificial poet very excited

Deccan Chronicle| Vinod Nedumudy

Published on: August 31, 2019 | Updated on: September 1, 2019

Everything from her face to art to poems is artificially generated.

Miss Auria Kathi, the first artificial poet.

Miss Auria Kathi, the first artificial poet.

KOCHI: The , ‘Miss Auria Kathi’, which chugs on the software engine of Microsoft Cloud, tweeted a four-line poem to debut in January this year. She has become such a sensation that she has now found a place in in digital contemporary art category in the Florence Biennale - 2019 to be held from October 18-27.

Sleeba Paul, who loves Gustav Klimts’ line — ‘Art is a line around your thoughts’ — created the first AI artist-poet fully live online along with Fabin Rasheed. They also created an image of her.  

Sleeba, who was in Kochi to deliver a lecture organised by Kerala Management Association (KMA) the other day, terms their ‘poet creation’ a true collaboration of art and technology. Sleeba is a machine learning engineer working with Perleybrook Labs LLC at Kerala Startup Mission at Kalamassery while Fabin Rasheed is a former design imagineer at Adobe.

"Auria automatically generates short poems, draws an abstract art based on the poem, and then colours the picture depending on a mood. All these creative tasks are done without any human intervention. Everything from her face to art to poems is artificially generated," says Sleeba.

"The human face of Auria for each poem is made by the software itself. She posts 365 days in a year on Twitter and Instagram, mostly three to four-line poems. Her art is artificial, her face is artificial, her work is artificial and everything is artificial," added Sleeba Paul.

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