Outbreak of viral fevers rampant in flood-hit areas in AP

More than 1,500 people were under treatment for viral fever in the region in the past one week, officials said

KAKINADA: Outbreak of viral fevers and other ailments has been reported from the flood-hit Godavari areas of erstwhile East and West Godavari districts, in particular the agency areas in Chinturu Agency.

More than 1,500 people were under treatment for viral fever in the region in the past one week, officials said. More people were suffering from Malaria, Dengue etc.

The people caught in the floods in recent days have begun the strenuous task of cleaning their houses and the villages that were filled with slush and mud. Two fever-related deaths were reported but officials said one of these was ailing for quite some time due to kidney disease etc. Another person, Chodey Kranthim died on July 29 due to a drastic fall in platelets. This was a suspected dengue case.

Adivasi Samkshema Parishad founder Kunja Anil organised medical camps at the rehabilitation centres for three days, at Kunavaram, by bringing doctors from Maharashtra.

Anil said more than 300 persons in rehabilitation centres and in some other villages were suffering from viral fever. In the coming days, more people may fall ill due to the climate and rain-related situations, he said.

According to the Medical and Health department reports from Yetapaka division in Alluri Seetharama Raju Nagar, nearly 1400 cases were reported in the past one week. Out of these, 10 cases were of Malaria, 54 suspected dengue and the remaining normal fevers. These people were suffering from body pain and other ailments.

They said that they were so weak now they could not walk even a short distance.

According to doctors, a suspected dengue case from Chokkanapalli, a habitation of Sriramagiri in VR Puram, was admitted to the Government General Hospital at Kakinada three days back.

According to official reports, 322 cases were registered at Chinturu, 316 cases at VR Puram, 214 cases at Polavaram, 321 cases at Yetapaka and 214 cases at Kunavaram.

The Yetapaka division medical and health officer Dr Pullaiah told DC that a house-to-house survey is being conducted in all the villages in the agency area. Medical camps are being organised and medical kits are available at Primary Health Centres too. Some 160 medical and health personnel were working at field level, apart from 400 ASHA workers, 10 medical officers and other staff, to check the spread of viral fevers.

He said medical teams are taking blood tests and providing necessary medicines. He also said mosquito nets had been supplied to the people, but many of them lost the nets in the floods

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