Chennai better off in rainfall, thanks to cyclone Roanu

Chennai records 20.82 cm of showers this May.

Chennai: Crashing the past 10 ten year statistics of May rainfall, Chennai this May recorded a whopping 20.82 cm of rainfall due to the influence of cyclone Roanu. The rainfall has also wiped away the record set by cyclone Laila in May 2010 with 20.4 cm.

Surprisingly, the decade’s highest rainfall has not drastically cooled the city’s temperature as the average May maximum was recorded at 36.67 degree Celsius, which is more than that of the previous year of 36.63 C with just 0.8cm of rainfall.

“Though geographic and climatic conditions of the city result in harsh temperatures in May, a little respite could have been felt if the sea breeze set in early,” said S.B. Thambi, Deputy director-general, Regional meteorological centre (RMC).

“Initial 20 days of the month has not crossed 40 degree C. Temperature started shooting up only after the rain which is due to the delayed onset of sea breeze,” said Tamil Nadu weather blogger Pradeep John.

The number of days which crossed 40 degree mark in May was just three, which was earlier in May 2005. The lowest temperature recorded in May was 26.2 degree C.

Dip in temperature forecast
Weathermen of RMC said temperature would come down in June when southwest monsoon would set in over Kerala and Karnataka. Cloudy condition will generally prevail in the city.

Meanwhile, regional meteorological department forecast the chances of convective rains to the city. It can be noted that Tirucharapalli recorded 2cm of rainfall while Tanjore recorded over 6cm on Tuesday.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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