Harsh summer tough for food delivery executives

Many of them reportedly fell sick, several others had sunstroke and yet others faced dehydration and related uneasiness

HYDERABAD: Even as the city is reeling under scorching heat and its inhabitants prefer to stay indoors, about 30,000 food delivery executives are out in the sun, ensuring that their orders are delivered on time, braving the extreme weather conditions.

As mercury crossed 41ºC, the delivery executives worked in the heat despite being meagrely paid. Many of them reportedly fell sick, several others had sunstroke and yet others faced dehydration and related uneasiness.

In their nine hours shift, they are supposed to make 16 to 32 deliveries, for which they are eligible for incentives. Shuttling from one place to another in the hot summer, they are delivering the orders without any break. They say they do not even have time to drink water.

Imran Baba, a delivery executive and resident of Amberpet, said, “The aggregators are offering deliveries up to 10 to 15 kilometres distances. When it is going to be the end of the trips, they accept orders to farther locations.”

“Last Monday I met with an accident near Clock Tower, Secunderabad, while I was on my way to deliver. We are taking nonstop assignments to meet our targets. Many of my colleagues are falling ill. Some are admitted to hospitals because of the sunstroke,” he added.

Aitharaju Mahesh, food delivery executive from Kothapet, Dilsukhnagar, said, “Our login hours are eight hours 50 minutes, during which we complete more than 16 deliveries. Each delivery takes 20 to 40 minutes. We are so busy we don’t even get time to sip a little water. Even after so much hard work we are left with Rs 800 each day of which we are spending Rs 300. Aggregators charge more from the customers and we are paid less.”

He added, “During Iftar times, orders are more, as there is huge demand for haleem. That makes us busier in the evenings these days.”

The representatives of Hyderabad wing of Indian Federation of App Based Transport Workers said, “During these abnormal climate conditions, companies should consider the health of delivery executives. They should be given some breaks after two or three deliveries. They should make sure they are paid for the break times too.”

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