Special Vishu at old-age home

Social justice dept plans Vishu for inmates.

KOZHIKODE: The inmates of the government old-age home at Vellimadukunnu here will have a rare chance to spend a memorable day with a loving family on this Vishu day. Normally their Vishu is no different from any other dull and drab days they spend at the old-age home away from their dear and dear ones because most of them do not have anyone to turn to on such special days. But the social justice department has decided to make this Vishu special for them and also for families willing to entertain the aged guests. The idea was born out of the success of the vacation foster care programme for children.

"Aged people are literally stuck between the four walls of the government homes. They need the warmth of a family atmosphere and its freshness. Some have nostalgia of their Vishu celebration in villages. This project is meant to realise such a nostalgia," said district social justice officer Sheeba Mumtaz.

As of now, only people residing in the district are eligible to apply. The selection will be based on a set of psychosocial assessment tools. The main condition is that the aged person should be happy and content with the sponsor family. "We prefer the inmates to be sent to villages where they will have a delightful Vishu experience. Kids, family members and fun and frolic will make their day," said Sheeba.

The aged can be taken home on April 13 and should be returned the next evening. There are 80 inmates in the Vellimadukunnu home and all of them look forward to a Vishu outside the institution. Already, the SJ department has received a dozen applications. Those interested can contact the superintendent of the home over phone number 9846725915 or

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