Vizag: Girl Student Ends Life After Facing Sexual Harassment in College

Visakhapatnam: Roopasri, a first-year diploma student at a private corporate college in Kommadi here, ended her life on Thursday night after allegedly suffering sexual harassment from the faculty.

Diploma first-year student Roopasri left a suicide note that sheds light on a grave issue that continues to plague educational institutions. The letter is going viral.

She stated, “I cannot bear with the sexual harassment in the college,” and added that other girl students were also facing such a situation and suffering silently.

“The college staff are taking inappropriate pictures and threatening to post them on social media if we report the matter to the police.”

The emotional words from Rupasri to her parents Gandikota Ramana and Lakshmi read: “The reason for my suicide is sexual harassment in the college. You may think that I should have reported the matter to the faculty. If one or two of those faculty are the culprits, then I can do this Dad, but all of them are behaving very badly and threatening me that they will post my inappropriate pictures on social media platforms.”

“The faculty here is not good. Who else should I complain to? My photographs were taken and I was threatened. Not only me, many girls are facing similar situations. Girls cannot tell anyone that this is the case and we don’t feel like going to college. If we complain to the police, the college staff will post all photos on social media. If someone dies, then only the world will know about this grave situation.”

Roopasri wrote the suicide note to her father and sent it to him as a WhatsApp message.

She asked for apologies from her mother and sisters too. “Sorry, I am not able to share my pain with anyone. I am not able to bear the sexual harassment in college.”

Police said, “On March 28, instead of going to college, Roopasri stayed back in the hostel. She jumped down from the terrace of the hostel late at night. As the injuries were serious, the staff there rushed her to a hospital. She died fighting for her life.”

Roopasri parents filed a complaint with the PM Palem police, following which an investigation was started. The body was shifted to KGH for post-mortem.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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