Technology helps Chittoor police to curb crime rate

They have initiated many ideas like Locked House Monitoring Systems and Facial Recognising app.

TIRUPATI: Tirupati urban and Chittoor district police turned out to adapt themselves to cutting-edge technologies in the year 2017 as they have initiated many ideas like Locked House Monitoring Systems and Facial Recognising app. Cops joined the bandwagon by resorting to advanced software technologies like Fingerprint Identification Network System, child-tags in Tirumala, CCTV cameras in Tirupati.

Chittoor police had launched a successful app like LHMS which will secure the locked houses by alerting the police and house owners when anyone enters the house. The police had fixed the cameras to the houses on request. The app has not helped the police to catch a single thief, but they were successful in bringing down house burglary rate drastically. Later, the same was followed by the Tirupati police.

They implemented GPS awareness camps to take down the vehicle thefts in order to take the repeated offenders into custody. Tirupati urban police proved their strength in using technology by installing advanced CCTV cameras and command control centre kept the city under watch. CCTV cameras’ footage has helped in finding two child missing cases in Tirumala. Tirupati police launched FINS to identify the suspects with criminal background which proved to be a good initiative to identify suspects during the Brahmotsavams. Along with FINS the police also implemented facial biometrics on an experimental basis to identify the missing children during Brahmotsavams this year. The police had a successful experimental run of the facial biometrics and it expected to be launched in a full-fledged manner by 2018.

Tirupati police had faced challenges after they banned auto to enter city limits in order to keep a tab on traffic. Excluding the FIRs filed on motorists the crime rate is not at all increased.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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