Kerala: Teen beats paedophile threat

Krishnadev Jothydev, first year MBBS student, narrates experience with stranger who gave lift.

This is a true story which happened to me in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city on December 25. A 50-year-old guy gave me a lift on his bike at a place where auto stands were miles ahead. I was literally starving when this guy stopped by and asked for a place where beer was available. I said I had no idea. But he kindly offered to drop me at my place though I had not asked for a lift. While riding, me on the pillion, he started prodding me with irrelevant questions. When I politely retorted, he followed them up with "touches". I didn’t know what to do. Can someone be so deceitful to a person of my age?

He told me he was all alone in the city, working in a bank. I pleaded with him to drop me (so I could wave an auto or even run to safety). He continued to entice me, fondling my legs and then thighs. I feared he would grow wild and there would be no escape for me. I jumped off the bike, but he clung on to me, craving with statements like, 'I am so good-looking, my demeanor is unmatchable”. I like being skinned alive; my heart pounded. He wouldn’t let go of my hand. Somehow I wriggled out, by God's grace, and was left wondering how bad the situation could have been if a girl were in my place.

Now I’m talking like a real MAN. Now I fathom several contexts when my parents had advised me, which I dismissed as creepy and unrealistic. It was only a few hours earlier mom had cautioned me. Now I can smell trouble and see potential danger more vividly. Never ever trust a person of any age no matter how polite he/she is or how helpful he/she is. They smile at you, hiding the guile from the whole world. But you die alone. Keep that in mind and hold on to life because it's too short.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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