Karnataka IAS officer Ravi tried to entice masseuse: CBI report

Woman IAS officer's refusal to take his call was last trigger for suicide; was depressed after moved from Kolar.

Bengaluru: The CBI report stated that Ravi was found to be under constant work pressure in Kolar and had a tendency of getting physically exhausted after the day's work. His wife Ms Kusuma had advised him to visit a spa for body massage which would help him relax.

From February 2014, he had been periodically visiting these centres in Five Star Hotels, such as Taj Vivanta, along with Harikrishna. In the course of such visits, he had developed friendship with one Ms Shelly, a masseuse with Taj Vivanta. He constantly made efforts to entice her through whatsapp and phone calls which she initially had resisted.

Investigation revealed that Shelly hailed from Nagaland. The appointment sheet shows that he used to register in the name of Hari, who also accompanied him. Harikrishna revealed that Ravi used to prefer Shelly always and wanted Hari to ensure that he books an appointment with her.

This fact was also corroborated during the course of investigation from the other masseuse /masseurs working there, who identified Ravi from the photograph which had been flashed in the media. According to the hotel management, Ms Shelly had given Ravi a massage on Nov. 15, 2014. Call Data Records and extracts of whatsapp chats showed the frequent interface between them after May 2014. The messages revealed a kind of desperation on the part of Ravi and an example of such conversation and also indicate his desire for sex.

According to Harikrishna, Ravi had once come down from Kolar to meet her in Orion Mall and took her to a resort Royal Orchard located in Yelahanka. Ravi had also deposited a sum of Rs 30,000 into her bank account on two occasions.

As a person
D.K. Ravi was an intense person, highly sensitive, impulsive and aggressive on issues affecting common public with radical views. According to his friends, he would always like to see that his viewpoint gets the acceptance and always want to be a go-getter. He definitely used to get frustrated on the face of failures.

His inherent quality was that he never liked to discuss personal issues with others, including his friends/relatives and always remained an enigma. Most of his friends could not fathom what was in his mind. Ravi, with an intention to build up a public perception to his style of functioning, developed a penchant for keeping himself in the eye of the media. He created an image for himself as a crusader for the common man.

Dreamt of making big in real estate
D.K. Ravi had been tremendously enthusiastic about investing in real estate. According to Harikrishna (a friend), Ravi used to say that he wanted to make around Rs 500 crore from real estate and then establish a company after coming out of service. His desire was to make money legally. In pursuance of this dream, Ravi using his friend Harikrishna's experience as a small-time realtor directed Hari to form a partnership firm, R&H Property.

The firm was registered on May 30, 2012. A partnership was between Harikrishna and Ms Kusuma on record. As per the deal, the registered office of the firm was shown as No.632, 25th Cross, 16th Main Road, Judicial Layout, Bengaluru-55 which happened to be the residential premises of Harikrishna. An account was opened in the State Bank of Mysuru, Yelahanka. His father-in-law Hanumantharayappa had given Rs 1 crore more investing on land to be developed by R&H Property.

They tried to develop a 50-acre SC/ST land in Shidlaghatta which turned into a dispute. However, they managed to strike a deal with realtor Suresh, who had already purchased the same land. For this, Ravi raised funds from various sources and Ms Sindhuri had also invested Rs 10 lakh.

Dalliance with Rohini miffed wife
On December 7, 2014 morning, Ms Kusuma, upset with the fact that Ravi had been continuing his dalliance with Ms Sindhuri, sends a message on the Facebook to Ms Sindhuri asking her what would she do if somebody tries to wean away her husband from her . Ms Sindhuri forwards the message to Ravi, resulting in a quarrel between the couple and Ms Kusuma was compelled to send an apology to Ms Sindhuri.

Long message on the fateful day
Around 9.50 am Ravi had sent a long message to Ms Sindhuri on whatsapp wherein he had mentioned about his love for her and that he has failed in his life and now would like to end it as he did not want to disturb the marriage life of Ms Sindhuri and further that he had deleted all the picture, messages in the mobile phone and that his last wish was she should come to hug and kiss his dead body. Ravi would have taken quite a time to draft this message before sending it to Ms Sindhuri at around 9.30 am.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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