Wife calls husband 'fat elephant'; Delhi court terms it cruelty

Unable to bear the everyday trauma, the victim decided to take legal help.

New Delhi: In an unusual case of marital conflict, a Delhi court has upheld the divorce plea of a man who has constantly been abused and humiliated by his wife for his weight.

According to a media report, a Delhi-based businessman had filed a divorce application stating that his wife had abused him for his weight and called him a 'mota hathi' (fat elephant), adding that he was incapable of fulfilling her sexual desires.

Having tried various strict diets, the man failed to reduce weight, following which he was often referred to as 'Mota Hathi' or 'Hathi' by his wife. Unable to bear the everyday trauma, the victim decided to take legal help.

Under conditions of anonymity, the victim told the media that his wife also had sour relations with his family. He said that she often misbehaved with his family members.

Delhi Court ruled that the victim has been subject to cruelty and mental torture.

While delivering the judgement, Justice Vipin Sanghi said, "Even if he was overweight, is bound to strike at his self respect and self-esteem. The respondent was sensitive to such taunts, and it is not the appellant's case that the taunts were made jokingly, or out of love and affection, and without malice."

Justice Sanghi also rejected his wife's petition that challenged the lower court's order.

The court also heard that the woman's relatives and family members from her native, Ghaziabad, had taunted as well as assaulted the victim several times. After hearing both the parties, the court ruled that it is unsafe for the victim to continue in this relationship.

The couple has a 10-year-old son who lives with his mother after their separation.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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