Hyderabad: Neighbour's parcel lands man in Dubai jail

25-year-old faces charges; neighbour who sent parcel is now absconding.

Hyderabad: A youngster, aged 25, was arrested from Dubai airport as soon as he landed in the city, last October. Habeeb Mohammed, of Chandrayangutta, was flying to Dubai for the first time through an Emirates flight.

He was successful in getting a job as an assistant clerk at a transport firm.
However, officials in Dubai claim to have arrested him on charges of carrying drugs. Habeeb’s family has denied the claim and insist that he is innocent.

His brother, Abdul Qadeer said: “The parcel which my brother was carrying was given to him by our neighbour. The neighbour told him that the box had medicines and a cousin will pick it from Dubai airport. But after Habeeb’s arrest, the neighbour is absconding. The man who was supposed to pick up the parcel is also missing.”

According to officials, Habeeb has been imprisoned by Dubai law enforcement. “He simply took the medicines given by our neighbour because he, and us, trusted them. But nobody is coming forward to save my brother,” Mr Qadeer said.

He added, “The airport authorities who detained him say that the medicines which he was carrying with him were illegal medicines and those specific drugs had been banned in their country. But my brother was unaware of the medicines or that particular rule. We also filed a police complaint but we are not getting proper response from the authorities over at Dubai.”

Mr. Prakash Reddy, the inspector at Chandrayan-gutta says: “We have received the complaint but we are helpless as we are unable to contact the investigating agencies in Dubai. The agencies in Dubai should pronounce Habeeb as an innocent and release him. But we will try our best to support the family in whatever ways we can.”

“Police here should investigate the matter seriously and identify the real culprit. Once they catch hold of the real culprit, they must convey the details of the arrest to Dubai authorities. Only then will Habeeb’s innocence be established. He will be then released by the Emirates’ police,” an official said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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