A marital rape victim recalls nightmarish tortures

Such incidents are rising abnormally, say counselors

Hyderabad: “I was attacked on the very first night. My husband forcefully stripped me naked and forced me to have sex with him, even after I begged him not to do so,” said a 26-year-old marital rape victim in the city. Marital rape is something that is least spoken about. The number of victims, including minors, is increasing by the day, said officials from Sakhi centre, which is a women help centre that has been set up by the ministry of women and child development in the city.

The victim added that all her dreams were shattered the moment she was left alone with her husband.

“I was told by my family that I was getting married to a very caring man. Without talking to me even once, he pounced on me on the very first night, despite me having menstrual cramps. I was told by my in-laws that I will have to be naked and my husband cannot use a condom, else I will have serious side-effects. They told me that they need a baby boy and it would be my responsibility to make it happen,” she bemoaned.

Her abusive husband continued to traumatise and hurt her mentally and physically. He kept telling his family members about how his wife was not co-operating in bed but did not mention how he used to force her, she said.

There are several such nightmarish cases where men demand their wives to satisfy their sexual desires like shown in pornographic content.

“If he knew that I had to travel for three days, he would wake me up at night at least thrice and force himself on me physically,” added the victim.

“Most men who abuse their wives are alcoholics. They come from well-educated backgrounds and are in good positions,” said officials, which was also the case with the 26-year-old victim. When she approached her in-laws and asked for help, they started abusing her and told her that she had been married to him to satisfy his needs.

According to the in-laws, it is a matter between a husband and wife and this is what happens in a marriage, said the victim. She added that her husband claims that all his friends have the same kind of physical relationship with their wives, and this is how it is supposed to be.

"He warned to see me in court and asked my mother to send me back only if I am willing to have sex with him. He also told me to learn how to satisfy a husband from my mother," she said.

“It’s difficult to prove martial rape and such cases are registered under domestic violence. I also recorded a video of him forcing me but he deleted it,” said the victim.

The exception clause in Section 375 of IPC excludes sexual intercourse by a man with his wife from being called as rape.

The victim is currently under depression and has been taking medication for the last seven months. She will be filing for a divorce.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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