Malakpet murder: Man Used Phenyl To Clean Murder Spot, Hide Smell

Hyderabad: B. Chandramohan, who was arrested for murdering his partner-turned-tenant Y. Anuradha Reddy, chopping her body and storing the remains at their home in Chaitanyapuri, remained very calm and showed no signs of guilt. He was caught after disposing of her head near the Musi.

Till his arrest on Wednesday, police said, he had used more than 30 litres of phenyl to clean the portion where the victim was murdered. He had searched online on methods to clean the blood stains and prevent the smell of a decomposing body from spreading. He would also light incense and camphor, and spray room fresheners in the victim’s house to camouflage the stench.

Chandramohan had allegedly killed Anuradha Reddy because she was demanding Rs 7 lakh that she had lent him.

On Thursday, her relatives claimed that Chandramohan owed Anuradha Reddy around Rs 80 lakh. Coming to claim the victim’s body, the relatives said that the house belonged to her and Chandramohan had cheated her of it.

Police said that after the discovery of the head of Anuradha Reddy, Chandramohan was confident that he would not be caught. It only delayed his plan to planning to dispose of the rest of the body.

Police said Chandramohan was the care-giver for his 95-year-old mother as his younger brother is in the US. She had no clue of the murder, police said.

A couple staying in another portion on the ground floor were away for over a month. The absence of any houses next to his house also gave him time.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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